Meals & Entertainment 2018 Tax Change
IF YOU OWN A BUSINESS, YOU NEED A CPA ON TOP OF THE NEW TAX LAWS There is a lot of talk about the changes in meals and entertainment deductions and there is good reason but is the information correct.  Does it apply to your circumstances? more
Is your CPA really a CPA?
CPAs must annually file with the CPA board to continue to be a CPA. You can google LOUISIANA BOARD OF CPAs and verify on their website the licensing of your "CPA." If you realize your CPA is not licensed, call the board to file a complaint. If its more
Tax Notices Liens and Levy
Just because IRS says you owe them money doesn't mean they are right. Many tax notices are due to incomplete or errored paperwork. We have many times amended tax returns due to these issues and found that exceptionally less is owed. The best way more
10 Minute Presentation on 6/5/13
The line up for my 10 minute presentation at my BNI chapter is identity theft and Forensic Accounting.  Identity theft is the fast growing theft in the world.  Just imagine a theif is always looking for a more productive way to be laz more
Tax Strategies for High Income
This is absolutely the goal for all my clients. Tomorrows agenda is Passive Losses, Estate & Trust Planning and LLC & S-Corp and Taxation issues with divorce. It's going to be a full day of making notes for individual clients on these topics. more
Tax Planning, Compliance and Controversy
Today's agenda included Healthcare reform with leading experts, Innocent Spouse and separation of community property and I was able to move an issue forward for a client having IRS issues using the Taxpayer Advocacy education. This education ha more
Forensic Family Law Conference
My first leg of the conference is how to be a proficient expert witness.  This means being examined by each side's attorney.  I find myself a little anxious about this portion of forensic accounting because a typical CPA is not a fan of pu more
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